Does the Sigma fp record the focal length of adapted, non-electronic lenses in the EXIF?

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Re: Does the Sigma fp record the focal length of adapted, non-electronic lenses in the EXIF?

Juha Kannisto wrote:

I have that Leica adapter but I don't have any coded Leica M lenses. However, I don't think the adapter will do any lens registration with Sigma fp since there is no sign of any inbuilt lens profiles for adapted lenses in Sigma fp.

Right, there are no lens profiles and there's no lens registration. The Leica adapter can simply transfer exif data from newer Leica lenses. That's all it does.

I've got a coded Leica lens but not the Leica adapter, so I haven't been able to test if the fp can read the exif code like the CL/TL cameras do.

Usually one would need more than 1 profile for 1 lens to have different levels of compensation for different apertures and shooting distances.

I think the feature might sometimes be useful with certain 'exotic' lenses that have a distinctive colour cast or something which you'd like to dial down a bit for certain shooting scenarios. I wouldn'd bother to, nor have I used it so far, especially since I mostly shoot in RAW, anyway. I also tend to choose, and sometimes avoid, certain lenses based on their colour character and highlight rendition.

It's an interesting 'bonus feature' in the menu, though, and a one that might get a tweak or two in the next x.0 firmware updates.

Not sure if the Color Shading compensation related info including these text strings is recorded in EXIF at all.

I don't think so. After all, it's merely a 'preset' for a given lens. A "lens LUT" of a sort, which is separate from the actual lens metadata.
But more to the point of the original topic, it doesn't change the fact that there's no exif info transferred from fully manual, non-electronic lenses, besides that one possible exception mentioned above.

Whenever the Color Shading compensation is in use, it will affect the DNG and JPEG so that the camera applies color shading compensation derived from the reference image for the selected profile. I don't know of any way to remove the compensation effect from DNG afterwards, didn't see any functional options for that e.g. in Sigma Photo Pro.

Yeah, too bad if it's baked in, but maybe the idea is that the compensation selected is supposed to behave like the hardware compensations baked in the RAW files delivered by some native lenses as well.

It would be nicer if the compensation profiles could be added in post processing e.g. in-camera or in Sigma Photo Pro selectively. Currently it's not possible to select to apply one of these 10 profiles e.g. when doing DNG editing in-camera, although it is possible to apply some basic level lens compensation settings and manual tuning of color shading compensation at that time.

The generic DNG format apparently does not support such a 'side car' functionality.

Kharan wrote:

Thank you for answering on impulse instead of reading all of the (short) thread.

You're welcome.

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