Please stop using DSLRs at Press Briefings!

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Re: Please stop Asking Questions at Press Briefings!

Bill Ferris wrote:

A gaggle of reporters all asking questions at once drowns out the voice of the person delivering a statement. If only the reporters and cameras were silenced, these briefings would be so much better. Really, what value is there in having a free press attend briefings? All they do is ask difficult questions that are uncomfortable to answer. The only thing we need is the statement, right?

At the UK Covid press briefings with the government the press generally tend to ask the same questions and then are invited to ask a follow up question, which invariably tends to be a completely new question.

The government rarely answer anything and the whole Q&A seems a waste of time in my opinion. Although on the plus side there are no photographers taking photos in person and the journalists only appear remotely.

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