Please stop using DSLRs at Press Briefings!

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Re: Please stop using DSLRs at Press Briefings!

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I hate "black-out" and loved rangefinders for that reason, (over SLR's).

I find lag to be at least 10 times worse than blackout.

Of course.

No one is really bothered by that 1/250th of a second (or however long) of blackout.

Well it is longer than that, (and can be MUCH longer if actual shutter-speed is longer).

The initial "mirror-up" delay is between 200-300ms on most (older or cheaper) SLR/dSLR's.

Most are 50-80ms, total,

Newer dSLR's in MANUAL focus mode, (or "pre"-focused).

with reasonable shutter speeds. Obviously, it's longer with long shutter periods.

You've already timed the shot.

NO ... you have to "Anticipate-The-Action/Peak" ... but often impossible to "time" because you never really know the "best" peak.

All four shots in single-shot mode. All timed to under 5ms accuracy (200fps equivalent).

Good Timing ... but how many NOT SO GOOD ???

There is an important difference between blackout time and viewfinder lag. An EVF has an inevitable blackout time and the minimum possible lag - its only lag is due to the speed of light, and that is the maximum possible speed at which information can travel from one place to another (at least, until a camera company releases a camera with a wormhole viewfinder). As Lee Jay says, the blackout occurs only after you have committed to taking the shot. It does not affect the taking of the shot.

EVFs also inevitably suffer from blackout time, but it is generally shorter than the SLR blackout time and nowadays is often disguised by continuing to display the last captured frame before the one actually being taken. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist, nor does it really mitigate any of the real effects of the blackout - it just gives a false sense of continuity.

Shutter lag, the time between pressing the release and the start of the capture, is a different phenomenon altogether. Whilst it will be a bit longer in an SLR, due to the time for the mirror to rise, it will not be zero in a camera with an EVF. The sensor needs to clear the current VF capture and then be reconfigured for photo capture (typically sensors capture for EVF in reduced resolution, reduced bit depth and line skipping modes to achieve the required frame rates). So then you have the question - to what extent does the actual shutter lag matter? In all cases when taking action shots, the photographer needs to learn to anticipate, and where the motion is predictable that is not a big problem and a few milliseconds either way does not make a lot of difference to how effective is that anticipation. What is more importance is consistency of lag - if it is changeable than the anticipation can be confounded. An SLR always does the same thing, and the lag will always be the same. That's not the case for an EVF. If it needs to complete the current EVF frame capture, the lag will depend on how far through that capture cycle the camera is.

Then there is the case when the motion of the capture subject is not predictable. Tracking that kind of subject is a higher level skill, and is made more difficult by viewfinder lag (as opposed to shutter lag or blackout time), since it interferes with the proprioception mechanisms.

In the case of the OP's post, this kind of motion won't happen, but typically press photographers like to have equipment which will cover most of the situations they might find, and won't select different kit for a posed photo-op than they would for reporting the police tear gassing people in preparation for the photo-op.

Excellent summation.

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