New GFX 50R. Which standard lens?

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JimKasson wrote:

enigmatico wrote:

Hence my appeal on this forum about whether I can achieve strong enough character from either of the 45mm or 63mm lenses.

I define lens character as adorable flaws in the lens. You will not find that the GFX lenses have much character. As a group they are well-corrected, excellent performers, and they don't call attention to themselves in the image. I think that's a good thing. You may not.


I agree with you Jim. I continue to be amazed at the neutrality of the images from Fuji cameras and lenses. I am not sure it always is what I want, but the speed of AF and accuracy of color (along with the film simulations) makes it easy to like.

I recently started using my 43mm 1.9 Pentax lens on a XT2/XH1 and that creates some lovely rendering, again different from the somewhat sterile accuracy which comes from the Fuji lenses.

When you are looking for fidelity it is hard to see how you can beat them. (For the money) I just bought the 50mm f3.5 and honestly would need to buy an OTUS to do better on my 50S camera. (Which I won't). For $499.

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