Does the Sigma fp record the focal length of adapted, non-electronic lenses in the EXIF?

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Re: Does the Sigma fp record the focal length of adapted, non-electronic lenses in the EXIF?

eFilm wrote:

Kharan wrote:

Does the Sigma fp record the focal length of adapted, non-electronic lenses in the EXIF?


I've read that the camera can register profiles for manual lenses

Where did you read that?

As far as I know the $400 Leica M Adapter L is currently the only manual lens adapter that can read the EXIF code hardwired on some Leica M lenses. Does it work with the fp, I haven't had a chance to try that yet.

Other than that the fp has the Lens Optics Compensation feature where you can fine tune colour shading and enter lens information like focal length and speed for your manual lenses.

You do that manually. The camera does not read anything from manual lenses. Nonetheless, that's the closest to registering profiles you were apparently referring to, and it's not that different from how it's being done in some other cameras as well.

but there's not a lot written about this, and the camera manual is massive.

If you say so.
That's where the above info is, though, on pages 95 and 96, as listed in the table of contents.

I have that Leica adapter but I don't have any coded Leica M lenses. However, I don't think the adapter will do any lens registration with Sigma fp since there is no sign of any inbuilt lens profiles for adapted lenses in Sigma fp.

The lens compensation feature allows user to record up to 10 different color shading compensation profiles in-camera. User needs to shoot a reference image of a monotone surface with selected lens settings (such as aperture, focusing distance...) and then user can enter "Focal length / Aperture input" as one text string and "Note" as another string. Usually one would need more than 1 profile for 1 lens to have different levels of compensation for different apertures and shooting distances.

I have used this feature and (with color shading compensation images taken through an ExpoDisc shooting against the bright sky / sun). While shooting, user has to select the compensation profile to be used from #1 to #10 and then user has to change that setting whenever necessary. I put it in QS menu for quick access but it's still a bit cumbersome to have to switch the profiles e.g. when shooting with the same lens wide open or stopped down. Not sure if the Color Shading compensation related info including these text strings is recorded in EXIF at all. I haven't seen it in EXIF with my usual image viewing and editing tools but I haven't studied the EXIF in deep detail with e.g. ExifTool. Whenever the Color Shading compensation is in use, it will affect the DNG and JPEG so that the camera applies color shading compensation derived from the reference image for the selected profile. I don't know of any way to remove the compensation effect from DNG afterwards, didn't see any functional options for that e.g. in Sigma Photo Pro.

It would be nicer if the compensation profiles could be added in post processing e.g. in-camera or in Sigma Photo Pro selectively. Currently it's not possible to select to apply one of these 10 profiles e.g. when doing DNG editing in-camera, although it is possible to apply some basic level lens compensation settings and manual tuning of color shading compensation at that time.

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