Will 35mm film be the exact same quality as medium format film cropped to 35mm dimensions?

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My ancient experience with Plux-X

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What films are they that use two different emulsions but the manufacturer calls it the same name in several formats ?

I believe this was true for tri-x at least

I tested this with Plus-X back in the 1970s. Under magnification, the grain structure of 120-sized Plus-X was coarser than 135. The result was that printing a heavily cropped 11x14 from 120 vs 135 resulted in pretty much the same amount of detail before getting lost in the grain. It was quite a disappointment because I had hoped to be able to crop the 120 like a mad fool. I recall digging into the Kodak technical documentation and concluding that the two films were both called "Plus-X" in name and ASA only; the backing and emulsion were different. Densitometry was very close, though, iirc.

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