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J3ons wrote:

i have a 7 years old olympus pen lite e-pl3. i just got to use it back for my trip few weeks ago. turns out when i tried to turn it on, the screen brightness is a little darker which is really hard to see if the object is at the right saturation and whenever i tried to take a picture, the shutter noise, its like a little lagg. i tried formatting my sd card but nothing happen. also sometimes the picture would be too dark or too bright.

i need help to fix this. thank you for your time.

I don't have this particular camera, but here are some general things to look into:

  • Screen brightness is usually adjustable in most cameras. Check your user's manual for instructions.
  • Regarding shutter lag, you may have the anti-shock delay turned on. Again, check the manual for how to set this. 
  • Irregular exposure - are you an experienced photographer so you know how to check your metering mode (is it accidentally set to spot metering?) or check for bright/dark objects in the frame that can confuse the meter? If photography is new to you, though, you should start with the basics of exposure. There are lots of resources on line, and your local camera store or photo club may have introductory sessions.
  • You might also try a "factory reset" of your camera. Instructions are in your manual. If you're unsure how to proceed on the first two points, this may be the place to start. 

Good luck!

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