Recording in Full HD (not 4K) - time limit?? (lumixg80)

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Re: Recording in Full HD (not 4K) - time limit?? (lumixg80)

MartaOutdoorVideo wrote:

Hi! I've been recording in 4K for a while and I am aware of the time limit of course... and researched a bit about it. My current problem is that I am recordin in Full HD (25 frames) and the camera is recording up to 30 minutes then continuing for 1,5min and stopping the recording. It did that when my 128gb card was still not close to full. I am recording on Sony U3 V60, R270mb/s, W120mb/s and using camera's battery.

Any ideas how to make it possible to record up to 1h without an external device and in a decent quality?

I can think of three possible reasons the camera stops recording after 30 or so minutes.

One reason can be that the camera has been designed (restricted) to do so to comply with certain tax rules (in EU) and thus avoid the higher price point. This may still be one reason.

Another reason can be excess heat that the camera has been programmed to avoid.  Although when shooting HD that is often not such a big issue these days.

The most likely reason (IMO) can be the formatting of the SD card, in case it's been formatted to use exFAT. The camera may stop recording as soon as the limit of 4GB has been reached. Then it can start recording again, until the next 4GB  chunk is filled, and so on, until the card is full.

I don't remember what camera you're using, but chances are one of those three is the most likely suspect.

The easiest way to work around that is to either go for an external recorder or to organise your performances in roughly 30-minute sequences, so that you will have a natural pause every half an hour or so.

I believe the latter would be the easiest and the ideal solution. 
Could you consider planning your performances into 30-minute sessions instead of full 1-hour ones? Maybe the audience wouldn't mind a few minutes pause between the 30-minute sessions, either. Well, just a thought.

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