Will 35mm film be the exact same quality as medium format film cropped to 35mm dimensions?

Started 3 months ago | Questions thread
DrBormental Forum Member • Posts: 74

Are you asking about just the film, or the output of the film+lens combination? If the latter, the answer is probably [1] no.

I scan my 35mm and 120 films at the same resolution and I have quality glass for both systems, and when "pixel peeping" at my scans at 100% zoom, I always get more relative resolution from 35mm and I suspect that's because Leica glass is sharper than my Fuji GF670, even stopped down.

Again, 120 captures more detail simply because it's so much bigger, but comparing identical tiny square patches from the middle of a frame on both films, the 35mm patch looks sharper.

[1] I've been shooting medium format for about a month and only used one lens/camera, what do I know?

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