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In terms of autofocus, I think it compares favorably to Samsung's NX line. In other aspects, not so much. Not sure why keep going with fixed lenses. Imagine a Sony camera with 1" sensor, IBIS, E-mount, Sony E 16mm F2.8 + Ultra Wide Converter, or Sigma's 16mm F1.4.
As for current products, it would be better to buy X-A7 or X-T4 for video.

I think that from the rx100v onwards video autofocus is superior to the NX line, even if you include the S lenses.

I would be interested to see how much better the internal mics of the ZV-1 are and whether they would negate the need for an external mic (there is an external mic jack after all).

What I don't understand is what is the advantage of the ZV1 over the Sony A6100... Can anyone explain me? ZV1 has a worse sensor, and it is more expensive... as for the internal mics, I think they are great, they sound great... is the advantage mainly the compactness of the camera?

Here the sound quality of some external mics...

Compactness is supposed to be the main advantage, but the lens isn't wide enough to use handheld, nor does it have good subject separation. In-camera audio recording is certainly convenient for vloggers, but I wouldn't let it sway my decision in buying a camera.

I think the lens is probably wide enough but realistically you'd need to turn off the active stabilisation as it causes a further crop. In that case you'd probably need a gimbal.

I don't know how bothered Vloggers are regarding subject separation, or lack of 'Toneh'

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