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Re: Beginner's landscapes

Good job here. Not sure where all the criticism comes from...You do your thing and find your style. The tips here are useful for that. Don't let anyone tell you that they are right and you are wrong. It's art after all. So everything that follows is what I like and do

No1 : The colours and tones are nice. Sky is interesting and adds to the landscape imo

For me I would prefer it in landscape and shot wider. 55mm on a 1.5 crop for me isn't wide enough. yes you could go the panorama route and stitch them together in LR (for example) and therefore maybe retain the portrait orientation

Some general tips. f5.6 is generally a good place to be in landscapes. If you have highlight peaking available use that when you frame up your pic. Better to go wider than narrower as you can always crop a bit (imo). i try to get the sun over my right or left shoulder in most cases, unless I am trying to use the sun for shadows or sunset / sunrise for a particular look

what people mean by creating a frame. This one with shadow and trees

an example of stitching a pano

Something similar to what you have and

No2 : More depth and colour differences and works well with portrait orientation. Like the grass in foregorund right (corner)

In PP I would and these are my preferences and styles - you need to find your own and not listen to what others say. There is no right or wrong. It took me a year or so to find my style :

  • add some contrast and maybe warm it up a little
  • give the blue more saturation and less luminance (there are several ways of achieving this)
  • probably add light and dark ( a little)
  • play with dehaze a bit
  • and give it a little vibrance tweek

enjoy and take lots of photos !!

Whitris wrote:

Hi everybody

This time I tried some landscape photography. For both the photos I had to wander a bit before finding a spot I Iiked for my shots.

I always used a circular polarizing filter (an old one from Techno, I don't know if it is good).

What do you think of the composition? Is it correct?

What would you do in post-production?

Picture taken a bit before sunset

Picture taken in the early afternoon

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