Does the Sigma fp record the focal length of adapted, non-electronic lenses in the EXIF?

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Re: Does the Sigma fp record the focal length of adapted, non-electronic lenses in the EXIF?

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SigmaTog wrote:

I thought that the rangefinder lenses were firmly attached to the camera body...?

There are lots or rangefinder cameras with interchangeable lenses as well as some rangefinder cameras with fixed lenses.

I have personally been interested in smallish M-mount and LTM (M39) rangefinder lenses by Cosina Voigtländer and some other Japanese makers (e.g. Minolta M-Rokkor, Konica M-Hexanon, Avenon (Kobalux) etc.) and I have a nice set of those that I adapt to my Sigma fp and Sony A9.

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I would like to see a list of the rangefinder camera s with interchangeable lenses Please.

There must be hundreds of rangefinder camera models with interchangeable lenses, difficult to find any comprehensive list.

For example LTM (M39) lens mount was introduced commercially in 1932 and has been used in lots of different interchangeable lens rangefinder cameras since then:

Leica M mount was introduced in 1954 and has also been used in lots of interchangeable lens rangefinder camers since then:

And there are other rangefinder lens mounts too, such as Nikon S and Contax C:

I couldn't find any comprehensive single list of interchangeable lens rangefinder cameras, but instead there are lots of less comprehensive listings...

E.g. Leica:

Check the cameras under:

"Leica 35 mm series with interchangeable lens screw mount style Leica bodies" and "M-series rangefinder" and "M (rangefinder) digital series".

Check the Cosina Voigtländer RF cameras from here:


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