Pentax DA Primes?

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Re: Pentax DA Primes?

The DA Limited primes are the ticket if your highest priorities are size and durability, not large aperture, silent focusing, or the ultimate in image quality, although they are quite okay in that, too. They all take 49 mm filters, which further saves on bulk, weight, and cost. And they all come with metal hoods, which are not removable on the 15 and 35 so you'll never lose those two and they are instantly deployable.

Although they aren't weather-sealed, they are great for travel. I've taken mine to over 5000 metres in the snow of the Himalaya, had them in blowing pumice sand in Iceland, a dust storm in Nepal, and one of them fell out of my camera bag and tumbled down a 20 metre rock face without damage (I later used that one a lot in Nepal).

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