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RetCapt wrote:

I cheated to get this one. A friend of mine, a commercial pilot, had the use of a restored WW II light recon plane. It was designed for maneuverability and slow speed. The window on the starboard side is removable, and was out when I was up. This lake is down in a steep bowl. I do not recall seeing any trail access but I was only over it for a few minutes and busy taking pictures. Once I got home and downloaded my images, in checking this one I can't see anything that looks like a trail, nor any terrain that would support a trail. Checking USFS and topo maps did not help. There are so many similar appearing lakes in that area, many with no names and no trails indicated, that I could not pin down which one this was. I have shown this photo to old timers very familiar with the local high country, and no one thus far has recognized it. So maybe cheating was the only way I was going to get this one.

Glad I had the chance to hitch a ride when I did. The airplane was subsequently sold. The new owner crashed it. He survived, and the plane was able to be repaired and was again sold. Then the trail turns cold.

There's a very obvious trail at the bottom, just right of center and in that brown strip. It's hard to tell, but the terrain there doesn"t seem steep and it could go down to the water.


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