WILDLIFE CAM recommendation?

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Re: WILDLIFE CAM recommendation?

Explain what YOU mean by "wildlife cam"? Do you mean a "Trail Cam"?

Trail cams, usually used for wildlife, are activated by motion sensors for stills or video captures & not for direct feed constant monitoring via WiFi.

For that, just set up an outdoor security cam, some of which will also record to an onboard SD card as well as can be connected via WiFi or ethernet cable. I have a Reolink set up with ethernet cable but they have a model for WiFi & the quality is quite good & motion detection is also good & it can be set for Still capture & or time lapse. $50.

I'm not aware of a WiFi trail camera but there are many trail cams that can use SIM cards & so cell phone signals for transmission, some immediately on motion detection. But you need an individual cell phone data plan for each camera & enough data to receive photos or video. For me, they are too expensive for a) the camera b) the data & plan.

There are zillions of trail cams & they all over hype the specs & quality to the point of it being the wild west & most of the hype IME is BS. Very few offer great image quality, battery life, fast motion detection & configurable user controls. The ones that I've used all have compromises or are too expensive for me. As well, many / most will miss as many motion detections as they capture or have false alarms galore.

Also, for trail cameras, face them north if you can so the sun doesn't cause false detections & you get more even light. The Auto Exposure of trail cameras & color balance is usually very poor, despite their Mega Pixel hype. Also try to put them at a 45 degree angle to the motion & never straight on which seems to defeat motion detection way too often.

For WiFi, research outdoor security cams & that meet your $$$ budget. Nearly the same features as trail cams for what you have written you are looking for. There are some that also use rechargeable batteries for power vs. ethernet (POE) or 6-12 volt packs. Whatever you do, there will be compromises galore, none are perfect if affordable.

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