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What does the panorama feature do?

For a panorama shot, you'll be stitching together many photos to get a broader view. Usually for landscape, you want to take vertical shots as you did, moving from left to right or right to left.

Make sure that each time you take a photo, there is at least 50% overlap between your current photo and your last one. Try to go in as straight of a line as you can, and try to imagine how your foreground will look when these are stitched together.

To actually stitch these together, you'll need to edit the RAW photos in a program like Lightroom, which has a feature that allows you to stitch photos together to create a panorama.

Aside from panoramas, it can also blend different exposures together to get more range of detail in darks and lights (this is called Bracketing or HDR).

SIDE NOTE: I really love the composition and framing of the second shot. As others have said, if you come back here, take the exact same shot but during sunset, you will have an absolutely killer photograph. If you have the time, look up if your camera can do exposure bracketing, which I mentioned a bit earlier. It will take one underexposed photo, one well-exposed photo, and one over-exposed photo. You can then blend these three photos together in Lightroom to capture the most amount of detail/shadow/highlight range. Redo the second shot during a nice sunset/sunrise with this technique and your photo will be absolutely breathtaking.

If you haven't tried bracketing before, this might help:

Also, although the video states that you should use a tripod, you can handhold as long as your shutter speed isn't slow enough to cause motion blur. Tripod is better if you have it, but it's not nearly as necessary as the video makes it out to be.

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