Panasonic 14mm2.5 vs 20mm vs 25mm 1.7 vs 30mm2.8+ gx80

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Re: Panasonic 14mm2.5 vs 20mm vs 25mm 1.7 vs 30mm2.8+ gx80

darylmesa wrote:

Hello again and thank you to everyone for your replies.

As for the sigma 30mm...I had one, quite a while back when they had the blackout when starting issue ( not really an issue or problem, more just that was how the lens functioned) I wasn’t a big fan.

the pan/leica 15mm is out of my budget as is the olympus 17mm ( non pancake version).

For the 30mm macro, no I di not take A LOT of macro shots ( because I don’t have a macro and tried, but do not like extension tubes) but there are many tiles that I would have liked and would like to take some close- up shots of flower, trees, and other things interesting I find ( not too worried about insects, though a bee busy collecting pollen is easy enough)

So for the 30mm I would be willing to deal with the extra bulk and weight in order to have a two in one lens ( 2.8 is good enough for the photos I take and 30mm isn’t that far off from 25mm.

I really liked the 28-35mm when I had an x100 and coolpix that is my reasoning for the 14mm, though I do agree that the 15mm would be a better lens.

I guess the best for me would be a small lens with a wider fov, like that of the 14mm, but with a close up option...

As someone would have written that the 14mm Pana works with his Oly macro conversion lens well... maybe even in this thread?...

I guess it is the MCON-P02:

similar to what I had with my old fuji x20... ( i know this is pretty much unattainable, though)

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