Fuji IBIS: still a long way to go?

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Re: A bit ironic, no?

James Stirling wrote:

DocetLector wrote:

Which "full format" camera has better IBIS than X-T4?

I can't speak for the X-T4 but the IBIS in my Z7 is better than any of the Sony cameras I own/owned . And a match for the last gen m43 IBIS { I also use m43 } . Either way apart from video it is a niche advantage at best . Lets say you are shooting a FF equiv 50mm , 4 stops gets you to 1/3s , so all motion is ruled out and you are stuck with shooting static subjects in very low light . Then with larger sensor formats you have a high ISO advantage which gives you more leeway.

DPReview did an IBIS comparison between the Z7 and A7R III where they found that the Sony outperformed the Nikon. It's interesting though because I've heard multiple people, including you, say that you've had better experiences with the Nikon Z's stabilization though than Sony's.

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