Fuji IBIS: still a long way to go?

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Re: Fuji IBIS: still a long way to go?

John Gellings wrote:

HatWearingFool wrote:

This article makes it seem like Fuji hasn’t improved their IBIS tech much from the x-h1, and it’s still far behind the leader.


Thoughts? Was shrinking the tech to get it into the X-t line the wrong

Its pretty good... who cares if Olympus does it better? Every system has trade offs. I hate articles like this...

Like I posted earlier, I agree that every system has tradeoffs, and for many, a great vs. fantastic IBIS system makes little difference. But I disagree with your "I hate articles like this..." sentiment, because for those who truly value a very powerful IBIS system (and it's totally OK to not count yourself among that small group), it's helpful to have independent people verify the claims that the camera manufacturers make. Many camera manufacturers large corporations often make BS claims, and in my mind, accountability is always good.

For example, Sony claims 5.5 stops of stabilization on the Sony A7R III, but if you read the real-world experiences of people with that camera, most people can't come anywhere close to that. That's all this article is doing: creating a real-world test between two different systems with similar CIPA claims (7.5 stops claimed by the Olympus with the 12-100, and 6.5 stops claimed by Fuji). For those that care, I find articles like this to be valuable.

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