How do you decide if you “can” afford a camera?

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Bart1969 wrote:

In Europe it’s a common opinion that Americans are just not interested in learning foreign languages, because they believe US is THE world and ignore what is outside. I don’t like to generalize, but it’s probably true that they often don’t need to learn other languages at all, even if they interact with the rest of the world, as English is the global tongue today.

That's true with the UK as well

I used to live in London and that is not a complete representation of the whole country, as NYC (where I lurk nowadays) is not for the whole of the USA.

My 6yo daughter speaks English, Italian, Russian (my wife) and is learning Chinese... and we want her to maintain all of her 3 "mother tongues" at least.


Back to your question, I am a hobbyist as well with a job that has nothing to do with photography. Time ago I took the plunge and I went MF (although I went for second hand "FF" MF DSLR, not for modern mirrorless)... but specifically for fashion photography, which is where I am focused as photographer (apart from taking photos of my daughter)

So my advice is...

  • depending on the type of photography you are into, there may be better ways to "invest" money than new gear. E.g. for wildlife photography travelling to exotic locations may come first. Same for landscape. For fashion photography access to a better team / styling / location is more important than gear, etc. etc.
  • ... having said so, for me an important component is how happy my hobby makes me. If a piece of gear makes my experience more satisfactory, then I will consider it as an "investment" into myself
  • ultimately it is your decision

Hope this helps

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