Fuji is KILLING it these days, eh?

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Re: Fuji is KILLING it these days, eh?


yea the Fuji does have a few weak points too

the auto focus is not as good as Sony or Panasonic - and that is both the design of the Fuji bodies and lens design

I have to disagree with this, Panasonic, af? seriously you think dfd is as good as pdaf? Also, Sony af is a mixed bag. While it can do great eye/face detection the focus point selection is a bit slow to change, you can use a memory bank but to be able to press once and go from pin-point through to zone, in different size, to tracking is extremely great to use, compared with Sony and some of those stupid boxes, small, medium, large blah blah blah, it's a headache if I'm honest!

its not an ideal sports / wildlife system

Again, in what context? Fuji lacks a 300/500 prime they don't lack the af capability, they lack a weather sealed x-t200 if I'm being brutally honest with a larger buffer and uhs ii support.

this is why I moved on to the Panasonic G9 which I feel is a far superior camera to the X=T3

sorry but it just isn't in af, in iq well I don't like xtrans so I wouldn't like to comment, honestly I would not choose either.

the gem of the Fujio system is it smaller primes such as the 14 / 16 / 35 f1.4 magic lens / the 90 monster lens / and for a zoom the 5-140 is the best

I like most if not all Fuji lenses, just not with xtrans!

for wildlife the Fuji 100 - 400 is out there but I am not a big fan - its does work tho if you know what you are doing

a few of my example below

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