Printer Spool stops in mid-printing on Windows 10 home

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Re: Printer Spool stops in mid-printing on Windows 10 home

Not sure what you are explaining other than you had 3 instances of the Epson printer installed.

What program are you printing from? Windows, Photoshop, Affinity Photo, something else?

Are you saying you were printing a file with "Layers", as in layers created in something like Photoshop? Or are you saying you created "layers" of your Epson printer drivers re-installation? I for one don't understand what you wrote.

Also, was your "layered" image, 8 or 16 bit? That makes a difference to some printers as not all printers can handle "layered" image files, nor 16 bit files. One should always make a file version of flatten or merged layers in PS before printing. Layers outside of PS, would be invisible to a print driver, no?

Your initial post was quite vague or unclear as was your solution. To troubleshoot, one needs as much CLEAR info & steps taken or not taken as possible, otherwise anyone trying help ends up just guessing at the user software, hardware & workflow & so possible solutions.

I doubt printing in "High Speed" mode made any difference to whether the spool worked or not. It would only possibly affect the print quality output & offer fewer quality options.

But great that it's working for you & you didn't have to spend money needlessly on W10 Pro.

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