Fuji IBIS: still a long way to go?

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Re: Fuji IBIS: still a long way to go?

Here's my read: this test confirmed what many of us already knew, which is that Olympus's IBIS/stabilization is class leading. This is no knock on the X-T4, in fact, it seems to me like the X-T4 has better stabilization than the A7RIV or the Z7, which is pretty darn impressive. The X-T4's IBIS is great, and the E-M1 III's is fantastic.

It's OK for another system to be better at something than Fuji. As previously mentioned, Sony has better AF tracking. Olympus has better IBIS. But there is plenty that Fuji excels at: incredible prime lenses, sexy looking cameras, a joyful shooting experience, and lots more. Each system has their pros and cons. Choose the system that's right for you, and then go out and start shooting and have fun. No need to get hung up or defensive about Fuji or any other system. Honestly, they're all fantastic.

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