Panasonic 14mm2.5 vs 20mm vs 25mm 1.7 vs 30mm2.8+ gx80

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Re: Panasonic 14mm2.5 vs 20mm vs 25mm 1.7 vs 30mm2.8+ gx80

darylmesa wrote:

Hi there,

As the title says I’m trying to compare the 14mm2.5 , 20mm 1.7, 25mm1.7 and 30mm2.8 to go on my gx80.

I already have the 25mm 1.7 which I purchased solely for its low price. Yet I find the lens too big for what it does which has led me to my question.

replace the 25mm with either the 20mm or 30mm ( as it also a macro)

the 14mm is also very interesting because of its wider fov...a better situation would be the 14mm and 30mm macro...but a bit out of my price at the moment

any help on these lenses paired with the gx80/85

I like the 14mm f2.5 very much, it's a nicely rendering lens. And while in 3:2 aspect ratio the 28mm equivalent is too wide for me, I like it in 4:3.

Actually, if you want to keep the 25mm f1.7, then I suggest the 14mm pancake. The 20mm is rather a one-lens-solution.

30mm macro? Do you really want to take macro shoots? Because if you are not really dedicated, then after a short while you will be there with a relatively big, not that fast normal prime lens.

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