Olympus 3Q FY2020 results are out

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Re: So nope, it's as reported barring other things, good news then

JakeJY wrote:

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Raist3d wrote:

Thom pointed it out but I found an interesting observation from Personal View (the ones that claimed they were shutting down imaging, but taking that out, an argument stands or not).


Most people don't get the trick company used

As they moved release date of report they actually make you think that it include April and May data, and of course it does not have any of it.

Olympus disaster happened in this last two months."

Going to check.

Update: Sure enough seems like that's the case - as far as the report including which months. Up to March. We will have to wait for the next quarter report to see what April/May looked like.

No, not sure enough. In. the sense that this report was going to be to March all along either way, and Japanese companies in general acknowledged April/May were not pretty. And they postponed the reporting due to Corona Virus logistics.

A little bird pointed this out to me, so Personal View is just grasping at straws on this one.

April/May as planned before, will be reported in the next quarter. No changes there.

I was going to point that out also, but someone beat me to it.

Thanks for pointing it out anyway.

It is simply convention that the report would be to March and this should be clear to anyone that ever does even a bit of finance paperwork themselves. Just because they delay the report doesn't ever suggest they would extend the reporting period (just like how even if you file an extension for your tax returns, you won't suddenly include the months that you extended into the return).

Someone trying to drum up a conspiracy from this is really grasping at straws (either ignorantly or maliciously if they were already aware of the conventions).

I think Personal View is just looking for evidence of a previous prediction. I thought it raised valid point with their previous predictions (economies of scale, diminishing market) but this one yeah.

Anyhow, thanks for also going to point this out. I am interested in the truth, whatever good or bad it looks like.

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