T-mount Leica lenses on FF?

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Re: T-mount Leica lenses on FF?

True, I suspect you could get very useable 3:2 crops to approx. 28mm equivalent.

I imagine the advantage of in-camera cropping is how the image appears on the screen. There are options on the FP for black lines vs. transparent lines.

Basically I'm a street shooter and want the option to go to 28-35mm FOV when appropriate. I do really like the 45/2.8, and have been shooting with it on the FP (its my only lens for the camera). The results so far have been great, at least for my needs.

Maybe the Leica 18/2.8 pancake is what I'm looking for.. the occasional wide to pair with the 45, even if the resulting file is smaller, I'd get to keep the full frame pixel size IQ. I've printed 12x18 inch from 10MP files from my long-gone Leica M8, and have no doubt that I could do the same from the FP.

Sorry for my musing ramble, it really is an interesting camera for these adaptations.

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