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Re: New camera for everyday carry

adamphilpot wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm currently using a Nikon d500. its a great camera, but is pretty big. I'm mainly doing street photography, and am thinking about getting something smaller for everyday cary.

In terms of types of camera I am trying to decide between something like the X-t100 or more of a point and shoot compact like the RICOH GR III.

Not set on those two cameras specifically, just trying to decide between the two types.

Any thoughts?

I’d recommend the x-t200/x-a7 over the x-t100 today. The improvements in af speed are very real and the colour far more neutral, more Fuji, the dr and noise of the sensor is overall superior. The electronic shutter and rolling shutter is now very well controlled and the touchscreen top notch in size, contrast and resolution. The joystick I was a little dubious about but I do enjoy both its placement and the size. The function buttons are still limited as physical buttons as really you do need to reserve one as the quick menu which is hidden behind the lcd function buttons, also accessible through the evf, it’s a fairly unique system and I’ve never encountered it before. However there are adequate dials for ev, front for shutter speed/aperture although most Fuji lens have aperture ring and top iso dial.

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