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Re: Constant preview, manual exposure, c-af

AlejandroI wrote:

I see two issues here... when in a wedding using AFC and the couple is walking into the church, usually exposure jumps drastically, so yes it will be useful to have a constant preview.

I don't see how that is much of an issue when shooting photos when you are in control of the camera and not the other way around, and the camera will expose correctly, anyway. Be as it may, you can have a constant preview as well, as described earlier.

Depending on the camera settings, the viewfinder is showing you either a correctly exposed view or a live view based on your exposure settings, but it may need to open up the image a bit for focusing. Again, generally speaking, not based on any particular mirrorless camera.

Second, and what i dont uderdtans its why it works when you some kind of automatic mode in the camera. I thought it had to do with the need of the camera to focus wide open, but no.... IF you set the camera in aperture priority for example, F2.8, F4 doesnt really matter the aperpture, and focus the camera will focus wide open and you will still have expoure preview... so it only seems to happen when you are in fully manual.

The camera is keeping the view constantly in correct exposure by compensating either with aperture, shutter speed or by boosting gain, aka ISO value. What happens during each actual shot is a different matter.
When you set everything in manual and in 'live view' mode the view remains true to the exposure settings. At least in MF mode. In case you engage AF the camera may need to boost the image a bit to confirm correct focus. I don't think you will notice that much in bright enough light, anyway.

For me this is not an issue, i tend to shoot most of the time in aperture priority with auto iso, or manual with auto iso, and just change the shutter and minimum iso shutter speed when needed.

But will be interesting to know why it happens only in fully manual.

If you are in full manual mode, including ISO, the camera needs all the light it can get for focusing. The camera is just trying to help you to nail the shot in any mode.

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