T-mount Leica lenses on FF?

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Re: T-mount Leica lenses on FF?

PJ711 wrote:

What confuses me is that the FP menu has a crop mode setting submenu which includes "off" (there is auto, on and off to be exact).

The crop menu is not there for native crop lenses. It's there for the user to be able to switch between full frame and S35 video mode with full frame lenses, and it does work with photos, too.
It also enables you to use manual or non-native electronic lenses made for S35/APS-C cameras. Most non-native lenses won't crop automatically.

I won't go into detail why the camera does what it does, but suffice to say it does work and it does make sense to those who actually need the feature.

Native APS-C lenses work just like they're supposed to with the fp. Which is a good thing.

Which leads me to think that the body is in charge, not the lens.

It's possible that native lenses may have been 'hard wired' to display only APS-C mode, which makes sense, but that's beside the point. The body usually is calling the shots.

Which suggests that the Leica T 23mm pancake could be a wide-angle 23mm with a vignette (or not) or a crop 35mm depending on how the body is set. Which wouldnt be a bad thing.

Actually it's always a 23mm wideangle lens which covers an APS-C -sized image circle. Within the APS-C sized frame the angle of view is about the same as the angle of view of a 35mm lens that covers a 24x36mm frame. It's never a 35mm lens.

LOL I'd prefer if I could find out if anyone has actually done that though.

I simply reported what the camera does with the crop TL lenses.

If you want to play with it yourself you can try covering the electronic contacts with some thin, non-conductive tape and thus make the lens a 'manual' lens.

I don't recommend, nor do I see the point of that, though. After all, it would be a fixed aperture, fixed focus lens that would deliver an ugly, vignetted and distorted image with possible other unsightly aberrations as well.

Keep in mind that the modern electronic lenses are being corrected digitally, and disabling the electronic contacts will disable that. Nor has the lens been designed to cover a full frame, anyway. So why ruin the image of an otherwise nice and fairly pricey lens that way. I'd rather just pick some nice & compact 24mm or 35mm M-mount lens instead.

But whatever floats your boat.

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