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Re: Constant preview, manual exposure, c-af

creepy.sol wrote:

This person noted that constant preview is bypassed when half pressing the shutter when using c-af in manual. Why is that?

Most likely because critical focus is being done with fully open aperture. Just like dSLRs are acquiring focus, which you don't see in the OVF. Then the dialled aperture setting is restored for the actual shot.

Can it be turned off?

Not likely. Even if it could, it would make focusing in dimmer light more erratic.

For example, say you want to underexpose an imagine to be dark. Whwn using constant preview in manual with c-af,

Manual exposure with C-AF? So you want your cake and eat it too, eh.

when you half press tue shutter, the screen and viewfinder displays a "correct" exposure rather than the exposure you dialed in. The picture taken will have the exposure you dialed in.

So what's the actual problem? The annoyance of the slight brighter flash of the viewfinder image as you press the shutter button? Well, it is a result of your particular camera settings, and the camera is trying to help you make a great shot.

Can this been turned off or setup such that constant preview is truly always on?

Generally speaking, not regarding any specific camera brand or model, you can turn off C-AF or better yet, switch to MF. That way what you see (in VF preview mode) is what you get all the time. Although it may make focusing a bit harder, hence the behaviour you described above.
Or you can switch the EVF into dSLR mimic or 'normal' mode. Then it will be constant, but not a stopped down view.

My recommendation would be to let the camera do its thing, and then just enjoy the nice shot it delivers. I for one would also switch off constant AF to save battery power, if not for anything else.

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