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Anyone have any experience with the MJKZZ Qool Rail 250, WeMacro, StackShot or other automated rails, pros/cons, reservations, recommendations, thoughts on controllers and operating software, calculation software, bracketing/stacking issues, reviews, sources of information, etc.? Thanks in advance.

My wife and I have a Cognisys Stackshot rail and controller. We have fitted a Novoflex bellows to the focusing rail and use a Nikon enlarging lens (reversed) and microscope lenses adapted to fit the bellows. Our bellows provides back and forth movement for the camera/lens as well as focusing movement. The rail and controller have worked faultlessly for a number of years but for the last couple we have used the controller connected to a stepper motor to focus a microscope. We now use Zerene Stacker (our stacking software) to run the controller via a laptop instead of using the built-in screen.

The photo shows our set up for photographing microscope slides but it is obviously easy to use the rail in the horizontal position. Some photos my wife took with the set up can be seen at:

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