Olympus 3Q FY2020 results are out

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Re: Maybe it is worse than reported

James Stirling wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Thom pointed it out but I found an interesting observation from Personal View (the ones that claimed they were shutting down imaging, but taking that out, an argument stands or not).


Most people don't get the trick company used

As they moved release date of report they actually make you think that it include April and May data, and of course it does not have any of it.

Olympus disaster happened in this last two months."

Going to check.

Update: Sure enough seems like that's the case - as far as the report including which months. Up to March. We will have to wait for the next quarter report to see what April/May looked like.

They are also still milking the factory extension costs .Either way it does not really matter as relative to the bulk of the company imaging division is small and bordering on being a hobby .When you see the breakdown on Thom's site losing Y10.4b on Y43.6b sales is pretty dire no matter how they try and gild the lily . Though I am sure there will be some of the Olympus can do no wrong die-hards along to inform me that losing money year after year after year in the cameras division is wonderful news

I do not take the R&D helping the medical division fluff at all seriously .If this was a logical company and even if the research had some benefit for medical , Scrapping the losing division and keeping the R&D would be the only wise move. Unless there is some other sneaky fiscal reason for having a long term losing division.

The whole R&D for medical is a PR marketing move. It's incomprehensible why as you said, simply no keep a core R&D team from Imaging and let go of the rest. But given this has been Olympus position with Imaging now for years, I don't think it's a given they would cut off Imaging at this point.

I suspect that Olympus keeps cameras going for tradition they have a long and proud history in photography . Plus branding identification. On the bright side as long as the board and their shareholders are ok with this all is well.

That's what I Think too. For us with m43rds that's not in the end necessarily a bad outcome. As long as they can keep improving something between models.

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