DOF - what's wrong with this?

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Flat view
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DOF - what's wrong with this?

1) Get a sharp well corrected lens.

2) Calculate the DOF for distance distance, f-stop, sensor size, FL

3) Validate safe range, here 9cm towards camera and 10cm behind

4) Position at distance, set f-stop. Make distance 2m to be on safe side

5) Shoot and get acceptably sharp image 9cm ahead and 10cm towards background

6) Review photo

7) Mhhh....No. Discard photo, ditch theory, observe anything over 1cm from plane is unacceptably OOF

8) Re-shoot with new angle or new f-stop (in this case, new flat angle)

Mhh, much better. Iris OR eyebrow in clear focus, but acceptable anyway. To get it really in sharp focus with 24MP FF maybe f5.6 would be better. Or is it f8?

I am not sure how f1.4 would look like. All these shots are half body with normal lens. All crops are 100% (you can calculate the crop based on resolution).

I thought, maybe from normal viewing distance they are acceptable. Anything 2cm+ in front or back is very blurry. See the far left eyebrow on 1st shot.

If I want the face in focus (ears to nose) for a half body shot using normal lens, should I be using f5.6 or f8? Or downsample 24MP to 1.5MP (or equivalent of that for print/view size).

How can anyone get a half body shot with a normal (50-60mm) lens at f1.4 with a real pose is a mystery to me.

Flat view
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