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knickerhawk wrote:

I read that there's some DPR staff discussions about some kind of solution such as a checkbox, so perhaps this hysterical reaction to a very rare problem can be replaced with a more rational solution.

Just in case some DPR staff reads this:

IMO it should be flexible enough. edit permission should be on a post-basis, with a default coming from the profile settings. So that way you can allow editing in general but disallow it for your special images.

It would be good to remind a poster of the situation when he submits a post that contains a photo, his default permission setting and two buttons "continue with default permission" and "continue and <dis>allow editing".

Probably it would be a good thing to also consider a way to change permission for already posted photos - in case some sort of Sabrina-incident reoccurs, e.g. some troll that goes through posts of one member and edits all his photos in an upsetting way and refuses to stop doing that. This of course should not render already edited photos rule-breaking. Probably flag those posts as "edited when permission was given"?

A neat but probably difficult option would be to grant permission on the basis of Ignore-Lists? E.g. if Vieri had Sabrina on his Ignore List everybody but Sabrina would be allowed to edit his images.

You could also enhance the image viewer so that images without edit permission can't be downloaded at all, even through the right-click-menu. Requires some Javascript, but would be neat. (of course wouldn't stop people from taking screenshots and edit those...)

And finally: Having an icon that immediately shows if an image is editable would be awesome. But PLEASE consider us colorblind people and don't chose pastell colors

AH, and btw.: should there be restrictions when uploading an edited version? If e.g. Vieri disallows editing images in general, but wants to help Joseph (who gives permission to edit his photos) with an image - should that edited-by-Vieri-version be editable, too?

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