How to stop a GAS attack

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How to stop a GAS attack

Ok so there is a lens or camera (it is always one of those, never a flash or software, just saying) that you now need/want. Sadly you are probably experiencing a GAS attack but there is still hope.

Now is the time to say stop. Over the years how many things have you bought that you never used and now just sits in a box unused? Ask yourself how much have you spent over the years on things you didn't actually need? Just because you can afford it does the purchase actually make any sense? Ask yourself how many of the things that you bought that really made a difference. Imagine how many photo books that you could have bought and learned about how to create your own vision.

If you want to stop a GAS attack try this:

1 Write down the name of the item that you need so bad.

2 Now write down all the reasons that you need it so badly. State how it will actually improve your photography.

3 Next write all of the reasons why you do not need it.

4 This is the hard part. Leave the list where you can see it everyday and don't do anything about it for a week. Don't buy it. Don't read reviews that say how great it is. Remember that you can't do anything for a week.

5 At the end of seven days I bet that you will have moved on. If your ardor still persists you may actually have found a need for it but if not spend your money on books or your favorite charity.

Try my 5 step method. Let me know if it works for you. If you survived GAS go watch that tutorial on that Lightroom function that you have been putting off for a month while you researched the perfect thing. If you need help just ask here. We are all in this together.

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