Vertical docking station for 16 inch Macbook Pro?

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Re: Vertical docking station for 16 inch Macbook Pro?

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Christian Schulz wrote:

Ah, it seems I got it completely mixed up in my intitial response.

I am happily using the TS3 as well for my 15" MBP, but note that there are currently serious issues when connecting it to a 16". One is related to an insufficient power supply for the 96W max and there are also reports of crashing MPBs. Failing firmware updates are acknowledged on CalDigits web site. I would research this thoroughly before purchasing.

The data sheet states that the power limit for the TS3+ 87W,and for the OWC is 85W.

I am not surpried that a laptop that draws 96W will cause a crash.

The dock likely has to have some active protection against too high a power consumption (other wise it may cause damage to itself and thereby fail safety tests).

Active protection means it either reduces voltage to zero or reduces voltage until the energy consumed is within limits. The second option has some nasty pitfalls when dealling with loads with switching converters that attempt to use constant energy.

Either way, something is going to crash.

I have a OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock and a 16 inch MBP. I've been using them non stop for two months, even running a Windows VM for gaming, and have experienced not a sigle power related reboot or crash.

Martin, How do you power the 16 inch MBP - is it from a separate adapter, or the dock's USB C port or one of 't's USB A ports?

I use the rear USB C connector, the one who has a little computer icon in it. The instructions says that it will provide up to 85W of power, but as I mentioned, I've been using with my MBP with no issues whatsoever.

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