T-mount Leica lenses on FF?

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aps-c image circle lenses on FF?

PJ711 wrote:

Pardon if the question has been addressed, but has anyone had experience with cropped lenses on the FF bodies? I got the Sigma FP with the 45/2.8 kit, and know that it has a crop mode for these lenses. But has anyone tried them without a crop? I've had success with a Pentax film camera using certain APS Pentax lenses, but not others.

Any real-world experience from you guys would be appreciated.

Not much help from me - maybe others might be able to help.  With lenses that communicate with the camera body it seems that the camera will go into auto-crop mode and there there is no vignette.  However as far as I know there is no way to optionally switch this off.

Recently I bought a cheap Neewer 85/1.8 MF lens in dumb EF mount which was sold as “aps-c” image circle which I have successfully used on M4/3 camera bodies.  Tried it on my S1 to see “how bad” the vignette might be I found “no vignette” at all.  Either the lens has a FF image circle (most likely) or somehow it manages to do auto-crop with a lens that is completely dumb and has no communication with the camera body at all (which would be extraordinary).  I have not bothered to get the images off my camera to check file sizes - I will do this in time out of curiosity.

In any case that lens is a very cheap and cheerful lens that produces images above what its price bracket might suggest that seems to work well on L-mount bodies with a suitable adapter.

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