Landscape telephoto lenses

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Re: Landscape telephoto lenses

rashid7 wrote:

fft2000 wrote:

Not too bad for wide open at 300mm, I think.

your last shot is a lovely subject, but not nearly as sharp as the bird

Thank you!

And yes, it's not as sharp, the reasons:

Bird shot is original size and kind of optimized, while the horse shot (like all other landscape photos I posted here) is scaled down to 1600px on the long side WITHOUT sharpening after the resize. Furthermore I had the E-M1 from my dad with me. I had shot landscape at sunset. Sun was already gone, then those horses popped up out of nowhere. I had time to change the lens but not being familiar with the camera I couldn't find a fast way to change the ISO, because the horses already moved along - there were 5 of them, at the time I looked for the ISO button only two were still there. 234mm at 1/20s with strong wind blowing - the image is just a little bit shook up But as you said, lovely subject, so I posted it, despite it's technical flaws.

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