Tony thinks GFX may phase out!

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Re: What Tony's missing

TN is sensationalist about these topics, but his take has some merit overall. There is too much capacity in the camera market, and that's a bad situation for all manufacturers. It's not just a question of how many people are enthusiastic photographers; it's also about how much great gear is already available on the used market or at steep discounts. Look at the pricing of cameras like the D750 or a7rii, which aren't necessarily state of the art anymore, but still offer massive capability for the price.

However, I think he's missed the point.

Sony will sell sensors to anyone that pays for them. They already spread their technology across different sensor sizes, and there's no sign that they will suddenly and arbitrarily stop developing or selling larger sensors. If Phase One and Hasselblad really did go under, Fuji GFX would probably hoover up most of their existing business.

The real danger for camera users isn't that the GFX mount will fail, it's that Fuji will stop trying to grow it. That will mean higher prices and less system development. At present there's no sign of that, but of course it could happen.

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