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alcelc wrote:

As per the new DPR forum rule, it seems that we could have beached the forum rule if we download the originals of posted images, edited it and repost again without the poster's permission.

IMHO a sample with full EXIF is always better than a thousand words. In many case, specially those samples were used to show the problem of OP, it would always be the easiest for members to download the original, examine it by whatsoever means on our monitor, do the appropriate changes (if need) or whatsoever action, and repost the result that might address the issue in a far more efficient way.

Of course, there must be a reason for the new forum rule.

Yes. Just someone downloading your copyrighted image or an image you feel you want to be your own, edit and repost is not exactly courteous in my book. Always ask!  Or do as you suggest with the signature by the original photographer.

Hence, I urge members to state their approval on posting an image (or otherwise) to convince members here to offer their help or for an easier ongoing discussion...

I personally add the following to my signature field:

"Please feel free to download the original image I posted here and edit it as you like" to release any member's potential liability under the new forum rule.

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