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Re: Image posted here on DPR

Peter Del wrote:

Of course I know there is a Retouching Forum. But that bloke didn't post there, as he appeared to be unaware of the problem with his picture. Had he been aware, he might have posted in the Retouching Forum.

Dear Peter,

You seem to not be aware of the profession of Vieri, otherwise you wouldn't have called him a "bloke who doesn't know how bad his photos are" :

And you really should know that for photography every single image is a journey. You are on the location, have feelings while you sit there waiting for the moment, you see how light changes the landscape during that time. After pressing the shutter you get to your PC (or in your physical darkroom) and start applying your feelings to the image. The final image is something you really love, and you share the image with all your emotions packaged in.

Then there comes this one "other bloke" and thinks he knows better and starts messing with your image and YOUR FEELINGS. Repeatedly. Even after telling him to stop.

Of course if all you do is taking snapshots you might never have gone through that process and probably shouldn't call others "bloke" just because you don't understand.

Concerning that "distorted lighthouse": He was aware of the distortion, because he deliberately chose that perspective.

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