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Re: Landscape telephoto lenses

fft2000 wrote:

I use both, the PL100-400 and the Oly 75-300II. Well, used the 100-400, it is 1) too heavy for lugging around just for potential shots and 2) I am too afraid of potential damages that I used it less, last time I used it was - over 1 year ago I think... Output of course is superior to the Oly.

But the Oly is so damn small and light and output is still good. It might be too long most of the time (150-200 would be enough) but being able to get the 300mm-shot in those rare occasions it's a nice thing to have:

Not too bad for wide open at 300mm, I think.

And as nobody else posted tele landscape photos here you are.

All taken with the Oly 75-300.

your last shot is a lovely subject, but not nearly as sharp as the bird

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