Printer Spool stops in mid-printing on Windows 10 home

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Re: Printer Spool stops in mid-printing on Windows 10 home

IMO, it's unlikely the OS that is the problem & the Pro version won't install anything different than Home regarding printers. It's main advantage over Home version is more complete computer / network sharing. Do a web search to read about Home vs. Pro (no printer use differences)

What software are you talking about that is causing the problem? Have you updated it? Have you installed the needed drivers for whatever printer you are talking about? Try the Mfg website for W10 drivers & reinstall those. Try reinstalling the printer & the printer drivers that you are using. Reboot after removing the printer & then on the restart, plug it back in, let Windows find it & W10 should install the correct driver, if there is one. You don't mention what printer, but it should work. My really old Canon printer works flawlessly with W10 as does the Canon software. My old Brother printer also works just fine. I also never had to use the W10 OS Device Manager to update any drivers but you may.

Also try a Mfg forum, a web or YouTube search for whatever software & hardware that you are using.

You could also try the free Trial version of QImage as it should also have all the required drivers. If it can't print & has the same problem with whatever printer you are using, then try repairing W10. You can find out how to do that via a web search or W10 search (bottom left = SEARCH bar)

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