Spectrometer w/o UV filter

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Re: Spectrometer w/o UV filter

The ColorMunki doesn't have a uV cut filter per se. It has a white LED that has essentially no uV below 400nm. Most all spectros that use incandescent light sources do not have uV cut filters. So older spectros should not have uV cut unless they were specially ordered (at a higher price) The I1Pro 2 (and OEM cousins) simulates a uV cut by having a separate uV LED. This requires a two pass system where the uV response is read then mathematically subrtracted/added for uV cut (M2) readings or full D50 uV (M1).

As a practical matter M2 spectros are better matches for todays indoor lighting which has little uV. M1 (Full D50 uV) really only matters if you are displaying outdoors and if the print media has significant OBAs. Most printer OEM profiles these days are made with M2.

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