Being honest with bad photographers?

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Re: Being honest with bad photographers?

gloaming wrote:

I was a leader in both private life and in my career in the Armed Forces, and later I taught leadership theory, motivational theory, organizational behaviour, and ethics at a university. I am confident that I have a modicum of both understanding and exemplary history on which to call.

The behaviours I described in my post are but a part of all that. IOW, the earlier post was not a comprehensive synopsis of what I do or what I have done, or why. But a leader doesn't 'let things go', and doesn't stand by and not offer a hand when she knows that someone might appreciate the offer and possibly profit from it. It's called 'good will'.

ummm.  ...and also quite "stuck" on yourself.  I also was a leader in the military and taught the same list of things in the private, corporate sector.  My guess is that you are a military school graduate - West Point, maybe?  They are usually quite competent, but tend to treat everyone else as badly as the cadets at the academy treated each other.

Try a more "humanistic" approach.  People don't intentionally take bad pictures, and no one has to please you.  So get off your high horse and teach rather than scold.  Or go back to your classroom where you are the undeniable god of all you survey and no one will dare challenge anything you say.

In short - be nice and be positive.  Help and develop good photography habits in others.  Be a leader doing that, and you will be truly helpful.



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