Canon EOS RP? Or Wait for R5?

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Re: Canon EOS RP? Or Wait for R5?

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Hello. I have been shooting video with a 5D Mark 1 all these years and it generally suited my work (for more pro work I would rent an Alexa). Now with its board gone, I am looking for a new camera to buy.

Since Mirrorless is the way, I was considering the EOS RP (The sound monitoring head phone jack is very important and it would be wonderful to get slightly higher FPS than 25).

However, with the EOS R5 on the horizon, should I wait? (Considering my cameras typically last a very long time. might as well but the most current and feature full)?

What are people's experiences with the RF mount? I have some normal Canon EF Mount lenses.

Why not just get a proper video camera?

What makes the R5 not a proper video camera?

Look at the video specs of the R5 against something like a C300 and its pretty clear right away. Im not talking about basic specs like resolution sizes and FPS, I'm talking about features you find on every video camera missing from a camera like the R5, there are many.

A $7500 dedicated cinema camera? Most of us can’t afford such things

True, but anyone serious about video/filmaking is not going to consider an R5 over a proper video camera. Maybe as a B roll cam, but not a main.

Really?  I have seen many people doing wedding videos and other videos professionally using Sony A7 series cameras, Canon mirrorless and even Canon DSLR's.  I suspect many people will use the R5 for professional video work.

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