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Greg7579 prompted me to spill the beans about my quietly assuming the role of moderator here.   I thought to copy part of that interaction from another ongoing topic, in  case more of you thought it was necessary or a thoughtful thing to do.

Greg begins:

You need to write an introduction to the Board as Mod and tell us what you expect and if you are just going to enforce the rules or also obsess over the tone.

I was asked to join as a moderator by both Bob & Jerry to share the load. A moderators role is to support DPR's goal of hosting welcoming place for all participants, new and experienced, to share thoughts and advice as it pertains to each Forum's purpose.

I have to admit when I was asked to join this team I requested a little time to think it through seriously. I sought out the forum rules, but had a hard time finding them. While I've been prone in the past to let myself be triggered, because I had that luxury, I take the responsibility seriously. I will strive to be fair and tolerant, but I have a role to play while also being a normal member. I offer the link to the forum rules as an answer to the rest of your questions.

tldr; masochism (w/o the sexual component)

The Board introduction claims that the Board has light moderation. Sometimes that is true. Sometimes not. Why? Because we are human beings.

Yes, all with our own styles and perspectives, including the moderators. It's not easy to balance that, but that's the goal. I enjoy this site, and this forum, for the personalities and developed relationships that make it an enjoyable one. Wish me luck.

I'll let Bob and Jerry comment on the matter, as they feel necessary and as they see fit.

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...Bob, Bovina NY
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