Deciding between Sony and Olympus systems for landscape/backpacking

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Re: Deciding between Sony and Olympus systems for landscape/backpacking

Well, I respect your opinion but if m43 was as light and as good as you say I for one would still be using it. Be under no illusion I would have an em1 iii or g9 maybe an em5 iii and plenty of the lenses I compared it to. The point is, it really doesn’t cut it against Fuji on lens size and as I don’t need to shoot 14/20fps I am more interested in image quality not image quantity. In all of the respective focal lengths and apertures it just makes sense to go Fuji now compared to m43 entering milc and as an upgrade for those who are concerned with iq but don’t want the bulk of FF. Fuji is really offering a huge value proposition over FF in the area I showed comparisons to m43 in, but the value/size moves to FF ironically if you want higher pro level results with fast apertures, then aps is essentially competing but not surpassing FF, it can’t. But aps can give you a flavour of FF without the bulk at least and if you want FF standards you can get very close now on Fuji aps, I would argue for multiple applications Fuji is preferable to FF too, especially 24mp FF which honestly I really don’t see the point of any more, FF should be at least 36mp exclusively and probably 8k still resolution should be normal for FF. But, and it’s a big but, do you want the size, weight and overall cost of FF, if you’re a pro, probably, if you’re an enthusiast or hobbyist, well it’s a personal decision! But m43, for landscape, back-packing and day to day photography, I’d suggest Fuji to everyone and I hardly mention m43 anymore, I personally find it rather outdated and bodies like g9 are far far too big for the iq on offer!

Fair enough, and I really didn't mean for this to become yet another tiresome sensor size argument.  I just think it's unhelpful to speak in universal generalizations.  Every camera and lens choice involves compromises.  Fuji makes awesome cameras (as I said, I was almost a convert), and APS may be the perfect set of compromises for you and many others, just as m43 was the perfect set of compromises for me and many others.  But it would be wrong (and quite silly, frankly) for anyone to suggest that either APS or m43 lacks the IQ or DR to take amazing pictures (see links above).  I think we can all agree that if one cannot take good pictures with any modern MILC, then the problem likely lies with what is behind the camera, as opposed to what is inside of it.

These are tools for jobs, and in this case, I thought it was important to account for things like weight and weather-sealing, given that the OP is talking about landscape and backpacking.  I travel and hike a lot with my gear, and in all weather conditions.  So for me, a larger m43 body (for big hands, and MUCH easier use in winter with gloves, etc.), with weather-sealed lenses that are smaller and meaningfully lighter than APS or FF, worked out to be the perfect combo.  But I accept that not everyone will have that same experience.  At the end of the day, use what makes you happy, and if you're happy, then I'm happy

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