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Rock and Rollei wrote:

I've always been a fan of quality compact cameras. Back in film days, I used to have something like a Rollei 35S or Olymlus XA, and through digital, I've been through a progression of Ixus and Powershot S models before ending up with a G9X. I've used them to carry when I've not had a system camera with me, for location scouting for landscapes and pro job, family snaps, and relatively serious work. Pocketable has always been key.

But over the last 3 years, I've hardly used it. It's been squeezed by the EOS M6 from one direction and my smartphone from the other.

At least part of that is my fault. I made the wrong choice. The G9X is a lovely little camera, but I stressed the pocketable angle too much over IQ, influenced by the fact that I always used the S90 more than the G11. The G7X would have been a better choice for me.

So to today - I do keep wondering if I should replace the G9X. But at least I am sure that if I did, the G5X II would be the right choice, so thank you.

What you're doing is in fact no different than the approach I took; small point and shoot on one end, large mirrorless on the other. Except, you're using a smartphone on one end with an M6 on the other, that's actually a pretty smart move. Probably "smarter" than my move. But it really depends on your needs/wants and what you're willing to accept in size and cost.

I don't think there's a right or wrong answer here. G9X is a wonderful option, but if it's not getting used, perhaps you'd be wise to sell it and buy another lens for the M system?

BTW, I haven't written off returning to the M system someday. But, things would have to change e.g. lenses I want would need to exist for the system in conjunction with IBIS to address the wonderful 22mm being less than appropriate for video indoors (no IS). If Canon made a fast 22, IBIS, and a faster normal zoom, I'd consider returning.

This is a journey for me but I'll say the G5X Mark II is a wonderful stop. I think you'd enjoy it if you needed to either upsize your smartphone, or downsize your M6 but if what you have is working (sounds like yes to me), don't change a thing.

What I've got between the R, RF 35, 24-240 and G5X II, is working really well.

I think the journey matters more than the gear. Shooting, is what counts. And don't be set that it has to be a given camera that's "the end". But likewise, don't be set that you have to have something else for it to be "the end". There will always be something new. Now for some of us like myself, we jump around a little more than others

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