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You have to like corner EVFs which I do not like myself especially being left eye dominant in addition to the nuisance of having to deploy and them pull them back. The original G5X Mk is an extremely comfortable camera to use and having had a Sony HX90 I would not want one of these pop up EVFs myself again as a lot of time was wasted on occasions needing an extra pull to engage it back properly but the Canon may be OK in this respect and larger.

Something worth mentioning but it depends on people's preferences. I suppose Canon may get the auto deploy one in the next iteration if ever. I will wait for that.

Too funny. I'm a left-eye dominant glasses wearing shooter

I do love EVFs... Or OVFs, either will do but I prefer EVFs for their advantages (exposure simulation). I'm an old school DSLR-shooter so I'm hooked on some form of traditional framing even though I've relaxed a bit and use the touchscreen more frequently these days, old habit die hard (framing in an EVF/OVF).

My bigger compliant is I occasionally accidentally tap the touchscreen while EVF is engaged and have to cancel. You get used to it. Happens on my larger cameras (EOS R) too, but more frequently on the G5X Mark II if that's what you're asking.

I do wonder sometimes if I should have got the Mk II for the lens but the G5x does and it has the extra AF Frame selector button which is useful and the front dial. I do not think the hump and the look of it as regards portability made it much of a seller and not for the RAW user wanting speed. The Mk I always looks bigger in photos than it actually is.

The G5X Mark I is a camera I looked at many, many times, just like the RX100's.

IMO, if you're after a DSLR form factor, and want to upgrade? G1X Mark III. The DIGIC6 on the G5X Mark I is it's Achilles heel and I doubt Canon will do another DSLR-like G5 series. It'll be RX100 doppelgangers from here on out for the G5Xs...

I would never go so far as recommending the Mk I. The Mk II seems a big improvement and the Mk I shape probably just did not sell.

The 200mm RX100s do have an appeal When the Mk LXIV comes out I may just get one of the discounted Mk VIs if still around. If anyone can tell Sony where the off buttons are for any of their current cameras lines they would love to hear from you as it much be as confusing for them as for us what each particular implementation of the type does.

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